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Changes to Bus services due to the Coronavirus


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Service enhancements from Monday 27th July 2020


Extra journeys will run on the following services:


Service 74, City - Newton Farm

Additional journeys will run from Tesco Bus Station at:

09:33, 10:33, 11:33, 12:33, 13:33 and 14:33 on Monday to Friday.


Additional journeys will run from Newton Farm at:

09:43, 10:43, 11:43, 12:43, 13:43 and 14:43 on Monday to Friday.


Service 77A, City - College Green - Bobblestock circular

Additional journeys will run from Tesco Bus Station at:

10:03, 11:03, 12:03, 13:03 and 14:03 on Monday to Friday.


Additional journeys will run from Bobblestock (Co-op) at:

10:19, 11:19, 12:19, 13:19 and 14:19 on Monday to Friday.


For Hereford CITY Timetables please click the link below:



Roadworks - Service 77A
Due to the closure of Roman Road from Monday 27th July until Friday 31st July 2020, we regret that service 77A will be unable to serve Commercial Road, Barrs Court Road, College Green and Old School Lane between 09:00 and 15:30 on these dates.



Service changes from Monday 20th July 2020


For Service 71A City - Whitecross - Westfaling Street - City AND Service 75 City - Belmont TIMETABLE please click the link below:


Service 76 has been withdrawn until further notice.



Service changes from Monday 15th June 2020


The following services will be reinstated from this date:

76/76A, 412, 437, 440, 441, 442, 446, 454, 477, 494, 495, 496, 501, 502 and 504.

Normal School Day timetables will be operated on Monday to Friday

on all these services except for service 440 (see below).


Services 447 and 802 will not be reinstated at this time.


Service 809 will be reinstated in September 2020 in line with Government guidelines on students returning to school. 


For Hereford COUNTRY Timetables please click the link below:



Service 71/71A/71B Whitecross and Credenhill

An improved hourly timetable will operate including a new journey at 0710.

The 0810 journey from Credenhill will depart at 0800 on School Days.


Service 74/74A, Hunderton and Newton Farm

Due to the road works on Beattie Avenue service 74A can only operate

between 0800 and 1700 on Monday to Friday.

The 0813 journey from Newton Farm will depart at 0805 on School Days.


Service 74S and 75S to Bishops and St.Marys Schools

A through bus will operate from Newton Farm at 0805 calling at Tesco Bus Stn

at O825 and Shire Hall at 0830 then via Commercial Rd, Colleges and Tupsley. 

Pupils from other areas of the City can now board the bus at Tesco Bus Stn.


Service 75 Tupsley and Hampton Park

A new journey will depart from the Shire Hall at 1715 on Monday to Friday.


Services 77, 77A, 81, 81A College Green/Bobblestock circular

An improved timetable will be introduced with all journeys operating as service 77A.

A new journey will depart from Holmer at 0729 and Bobblestock at 0732.

The 1645 and 1750 journeys on service 477 will be reinstated to Bobblestock.


Services 78/78A/789X Putson and Rotherwas

The full half hourly off peak 78X service will be reinstated.


Services 79A, 88 Putson and Red Hill

An hourly service will operate on service 88 between 1015 and 1415 Monday to Friday

An hourly service will operate on service 79A between 0830 and 1630 on Saturdays.


Service 440, Pontrilas - Abbeydore

This service will not operate after 1505.


Service 449, Madley - Kingstone - Clehonger- Hereford

The current 2-hourly service will be maintained on Mondays to Saturdays but

the 0850 departure from Hereford will run at 0815 on Kingstone School Days.


Service 492, Leominster - Wellington - Moreton - Hereford

The current 2-hourly service will be maintained on Mondays to Saturdays.


Please note that all services are subject to review.

School Holiday timetables may be introduced at short notice if school requirements change.



See separate timetables for full details.

All bus services are being kept under constant review and are subject to change at short notice.




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