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Yeomans Travel & Lugg Valley Travel Bus Services





Service 446

The road will be closed for 3 days from Monday 25th October 2021 until and including Wednesday 27th October 2021, therefore the 446 bus will NOT be serving Kenchester or Bishopstone on these days.

Service 449

The road will be closed for 4 days from Tuesday 26th October 2021 until and including Friday 29th October 2021 in Madley between the Church and the Post office. The bus will still terminate at Archenfield in Madley but operate on a diversion route from Madley Comet Inn to and from Kingstone along Stoney Street.

Service 492

The road will be closed for 7 days from Monday 25th October 2021 until and including Sunday 31st October 2021 in Wellington Village and the bus will not be serving the village. Therefore we ask passengers to walk to the bus stops on the A49 to catch the buses to and from Leominster & Hereford.


We would like to apologise for the inconvenience these closures will cause.



Free Weekend Bus Travel

From Saturday 4th September 2021, ALL local bus services operated wholly WITHIN Herefordshire will be FREE for passengers on Saturdays and Sundays under a new Council initiative. 

Please click on the timetable link below for the additional Sunday services:



449 (Madley)/809 (Fairfield Sch) Service Update

The main road between Clehonger and Kingstone has reopened BUT the 449/809 services will still be running to the Emergency route & timetable today (Friday 01st October) due to the lack of advance notice from Herefordshire Council.

Normal Route & Timetables will be re-instated from Saturday 02nd October 2021.  

449 Timetable from Saturday 02nd October:

809 Timetable from Monday 04th October:





COVID-19 Information

From Monday 19th July we would politely request that you continue to wear a face covering whilst travelling on our buses and coaches.

As restrictions are lifted, our buses could get busier and this will help to protect you, our staff and other passengers.

Please, where possible pay by contactless and remember - we have all come this far, let’s continue on this journey to keeping everyone safe!!!



Contactless Payments


No change or fuss when you travel with US!

We have now gone CONTACTLESS


  • Get on one of our buses

  • Tell the driver what ticket type you want and your destination

  • Check the fare on the screen

  • Present your debit / credit card or smart phone to make payment **

  • Take your ticket & travel


** Sorry, our Ticketer system does not accept Maestro or American Express.


 *** Do not worry if you do not have a contactless card, we still accept Cash. ***




Timetables listed below include the Timetables valid from Monday 6th September 2021



Please see below for all our timetables:


Yeomans Travel


Service 39 - Peterchurch - Kingstone - Hereford

Operates School Days only when Fairfield School is in session.


Service 39A - Hereford - Madley - Peterchurch - Dorstone - Hay-on-Wye


Services 71/71A Credenhill


Service 72 Bobblestock via Moor Farm 


Service 74/74A Newton Farm


School Service 74S, Bishops School


Service 76/76A, Hereford - Bartonsham (Circular)


Service 77A/77C City - College Green and Bobblestock (Circular) 


Services 78/78A/78X/79A/88/88A/88B City - Putson - Rotherwas & Redhill


Service 413, Broad Oak - Garway - Kilpeck - Hereford


Service 437/477, Hereford - Burghill - Tillington


Service 440 - (Hereford) - Pontrilas - Ewyas Harold - Abbeydore


Service 441, Longtown - Craswall - Thruxton - Hereford 


Service 442, Clehonger - Kingstone - Ewyas Harold - Longtown - Abergavenny


Service 446, Hereford - Staunton-on-Wye - Eardisley - Almeley


Services 447/449 Hereford - Kingstone - Madley/Bredwardine


Service 448, Tyberton - Bredwardine - Eaton Bishop - Hereford


Services 453 and 454, Hereford to Holme Lacy/Mordiford and Fownhope/Woolhope


Service 809 - Hereford - Fairfield High School


Service 812, Broad Oak - Garway - Wormelow - (Hereford)



Lugg Valley Travel


Service 401/404 - Leominster - Barons Cross (Circular)


Service 402 - Leominster - Ridgemoor - The Meadows (Circular)


Service 403 - Leominster - Castlefields - Newlands (Circular)


Service 426, Hereford - Marden - Bodenham - Risbury - Stoke Prior/Leominster


Service 489 - Wigmore - Yarpole - Eye - Little Hereford - Leominster


Service 490 - Leominster - Orleton - Ludlow


Service 492 Hereford - Leominster


Services 494/495/496 - Leominster - Pembridge - Shobdon


Service 498 - Bucknell - Leintwardine - Wigmore - Kingsland - Hereford


Service 501/502/504, Leominster - Canon Pyon - Hereford


Service 507 - Leominster circular via Dilwyn, Weobley and Broxwood


Service 802 College Service




Yeomans Travel & Lugg Valley Travel - Swift Card

The cashless way to travel


From Monday 2nd November 2020 we will be rolling out a new way to pay on board our buses.

Using Swift will let you top up online, on the bus and soon you will be able to use Payzone facility.


Cards are free and can be registered online on the Swift website where you can top up or select an auto top up when the card balance goes below a selected limit.

The Swift card can hold a maximum of £50 at any one time and can be used to buy multiple tickets on one journey so if you have 2 people travelling, one card is all you need.  Your balance is shown at the bottom of your bus ticket too so you will always know how much you have left!


You can order your card online direct from Swift via their website: and then select Swift for you and then pay as you go.

This is the only part of the scheme we are operating at the moment.


You can set up an account online which will help safeguard your card or you can contact us at Yeomans Travel and we can either send you a blank card out or you can call in and collect one if this is easier, plus you can always top it up here as well!


This will mean you no longer have to hunt around for change in the mornings or the night before and there is no expiry date, so if you are not a regular user the money stays on your Swift card and can be used as and when required.


For more information on this scheme, please see either the Swift website or contact Yeomans Travel on 01432 356201.




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